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I continued working at WRE and rose to the dizzy heights of being classified as a toolmaker and worked with a leading hand named Ray Clements and his notorious foreman, Kevin Johansen.
     In 1971, I applied for and won a position as a Technical teacher with the Further Education Department, starting at the Panorama Technical College.  After 3 years I transferred to Port Pirie for 3 years, then came back to the Elizabeth TAFE, where I stayed until I accepted a separation package in 1997.

    I am still an active member of the Air Force Reserve, based at 24 Squadron at Edinburgh.  I have been in the reserve for about 30 years, but next July, they are kicking me out at age 57.

A couple of years ago, I was in charge of a group of RAAF members and we went to Woomera to do some maintenance and installation in some of the old buildings at the old Tech Area.  It brought back some great memories of my younger days.  The whole place is derelict, the building we worked on was the one where the teletype centre was housed.  The Jazza is now a storehouse for village maintenance, and the ELDO is a private hotel/motel.

My wife Merilyn and I have two sons, 31 and 29. The elder did his apprenticeship at DSTO exactly 25 yrs after me.  He then completed a computer science degree with honours and now works for the Oracle Corporation in San Fransisco.

The younger son works for Compaq in Sydney as a project manager supporting Optus.

In my limited spare time, I buggerise around in my shed, we go caravanning when possible and generally enjoy my retirement..

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