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I left WRE in Sept 1972 (then a TA2) encouraged by Pete Leaney, Colin Haddy and Tony Sobels (the WRE network working!)  I started with Searle Nucleonics (Nuclear Medicine and Bio-Med.) as a field engineer and company sales rep.  These were ‘heady’ days, money flowed easily, trips abroad, and fun times and an intro to ‘the corporate world’.  I was fortunate to be involved with the introduction of Ultrasound Imaging to Australia; scanning of women, an art for which I had been eminently tutored by my WRE peers Taylor, Irwin, Dr Gauss et al.  

1982, I joined Thomas Edison’s General Electric, following the trail blazed by Pete Leaney.  I became very involved in the nuts and bolts of medical imaging, and finally as Asian region support engineer, I got involved in teaching.  My deep SA roots were straining at this time, so I took the opportunity to swap to management and "hello corporate management!", however in 1998, (halfway through my MBA), the "roof fell in".

I then spent a year in horticultural engineering in the Adelaide Hills, a time to lick my wounds, but enjoyable in that I was given free reign to develop with some success, a new cherry grader, a leek washer and a native grass seeder.  

Presently, I’m managing a manufacturing factory Truline Fabrications in Adelaide.  

Well that’s it!

Each night I recount the ‘shekels’ and calculate the number of days to my retirement!  

I must admit that the QE II is not moored at my front fence however I still enjoy the fishing and the outdoor bit, fettling, riding my bikes (I’m President of the Vincent Motor Cycle Club), and the heap of half finished projects in my workshop.  

I wonder ‘how many of you ‘bastards’ are in the ‘same boat’ having burnt the candle at both ends, smoked a few too many, eaten and drunk too well?  

For the last few years I’ve had to wear bloody glasses to see anything much and (if my pride would allow it) I should wear a hat outside because the first drop of rain usually splashes on my nut.  I can’t do up all the buttons of my ‘70s powder blue flares and psychedelic shirt anymore.  I’m about to smash a dozen "trannies" if they can’t keep the bloody noise down.  How true is the old bull and the young bull yarn now?  ...and there was a time when I could’ve aced Milto’s quiz!

However I’m pleased to relate that the fire still burns ‘fiercely’ below the boiler!  

Well, I’m sure looking forward to the reunion with you blokes.

See you then, 

Sid Muegge  H22

(Funny thing:  that H22 immediately reminds me of those blue boiler overalls with which we were issued. (pairs 2 off; for the wearing thereof).  We were given a pair 5 sizes bigger than that which would normally fit, and after three C of A washes they were half masted and too tight!  You will remember that we had to write our number on the pocket with the standard issue black ink and brush.  After another three washes this ink actually rotted the material leaving a stencil through which the welding radiation permanently tattooed this number on your chest!)

You will have already seen a photo of me and my wife Naomi whom I married in 1970.  We have three kids: 

  • Sonia, 26 yrs: a Medical Doctor, working to become a country GP
  • Carl, 24 yrs:  Electrician, in Spain chasing a Spanish Air hostess.
  • Karen, 22 yrs:  Year 2000 Alternative Lifestyle Beatnik

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