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Barrett found!  Now lets find Berry, Coombes, Carpenter, Frisby, Johns, McGregor, Meaney & Ryan.  Please notify/update your contact details

Max sent me an email about 13JUN2000 including the photo 

Here is Max's email:    

Very sad to hear about David Jones.  I guess it makes us all stop and think.  I feel more like getting out and enjoying life with my wife while we still have the chance.  

You asked for a rundown on what I've been doing since WRE.  It sounds pretty boring but here it is: 
After leaving the apprenticeship I joined the regular Army and was involved with heavy weapons, then Army Aviation, but resigned after two years as a result of hearing damage.

I worked at Adelaide Uni from 1968 to 1985, mostly in electronics.  During this time I undertook certificate and degree studies in electronics.

I set up and ran an electronics consultancy from 1985 to 1991 doing custom digital design work.

Worked for the Thomson Group in Adelaide first as the factory manager then as their chief technical officer carrying out R&D on towed sonar arrays.

Left Thomson after six years to continue sonar research with Nautronix in Fremantle where I am currently employed as a Systems Specialist.

I have been married 31 years to Jill (best decision I ever made) and have two boys, both taller than me.

I like sailing when work schedules permit.  

Who lock wired shut all the doors on Glen Frost's car before he left to get married?  

I heard that Glen died in a fishing accident a few years after we completed our apprenticeships.  Does anyone know the details and can verify this?


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