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Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your website.

Upon completing my sheetmetal apprenticeship, I left WRE to work for Fairey Aviation (3 yrs), then on to the airframe repair workshops at Parafield airport.  After only 6mths at Parafield I, with my wife Andree and young family, went to Woomera to work as a sheety.  We stayed at Woomera for about 3 yrs and left at the end of 1970, during which time we added another child to our family.  I left Woomera to take up a teaching position with TAFE (or the equiv in those days) at the School of Plumbing and Sheetmetal which was located on the corner of Grenfell St and East Tce in Adelaide (now the Tandanya Art/Craft Centre).  In 1980 our school relocated to the Regency TAFE complex where I worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer until 1987.  In 1987 I moved to Port Lincoln with TAFE as a senior lecturer Engineering, being involved with training from the WA border to Whyalla ...great memories.  I decided to leave TAFE in June 1994 and spent time travelling around working at Skillshare centres in Vic NSW and QLD.  In 1995 my wife and I went to Papua New Guinea where I worked as a volunteer teacher in a small vocational centre in a village called Tufi in Oro Province.  We were going for two years; however because of some secuity problems we were forced to leave and come back to Oz early.  I am still keen to do more development work in a country such as PNG.  After returning to SA, we purchased 20 acres at Cambrai (near Mannum) and tried "farming" and at the same time found work as a trainer/adviser for a private training provider Workskil Inc at Murray Bridge.  After 2 years the project at Murray Bridge finished and so did my attempt at clearing acres of bloody horehound weeds, so we decided to try something else.  I decided to travel around relieving high school teachers (tech studies) who were on long service leave.  We spent 3 mths at Waikerie and the same at Kingston SE schools.  What an education for me!  In 1999 I was asked to go to Mount Gambier High School as a techi...I have just finished my second year here and love it.  They have made me permanent.  Again in the system!

We have bought a place at Port MacDonnell (near the Cape Northumberland lighthouse) and at last count, our four children have supplied us with 9 grandchildren.  

Over all these years, I dont think I have ever encountered any of the "H" mob.  

Congratulations on such a fantastic website and idea.

(Email Jim for his contact details)

PS. I think Graham Bradbury died in about 1980.  He was quite young.  His father, Arthur, was a senior teacher at the School of Plumbing when I was there.

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