Geoff Geue
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The first of our year to go...

Died tragically in a car crash on the way to a snow skiing holiday, accompanied by four other apprentices who survived with just a few scratches. 

An amazing person who was an inventive genius and an extremely likeable guy.

Geoff is still remembered for putting out a forge fire with a bucket of kerosene!   The perception of the incident from the front of the school at the time was a dull thud, followed by a black mushroom cloud rising to about two hundred feet.  Geoff sustained nothing more than severe "sunburn" and a lack of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for some months afterwards.

Contact made with younger brother Brian 24FEB2000. 

 ... Thanks for the photo, Brian.

An email received from Tim, the youngest brother, brought back vivid memories:

"Just thought I'd say hello.  You may remember an annoying, scrawny little kid always wanting to be in on the action with his big brothers - jet
engines rumbling in the back yard - oscilloscopes tracing out weird patterns - valves glowing warmly - cars parked over pits - Standard engines in Austin Sevens - Pink Consuls - getting lost at a WRE open day and being dragged up on stage as a little lost kid!  That was me!"

... Thanks Tim.

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