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Bob Gosling (What is he doing?)
Since finishing my Radio Apprenticeship:

1965:  Worked one year in the Drawing Office in the NCY Area (Does anyone know the meaning of those 3 letters?)   <Yes, I do...  Nitro Cellulose Yellow...  Dayle>

1966-1970:  TA2 in the Computing Science Dept of the University of Adelaide.  Had fun working on a homemade computer called CIRRUS for a couple of years.  Got involved with the "Footlights Club" and helped the lighting crew do about 6 Uni Revues.  Tried to do some part-time study in B Tech Electronics at SAIT.  Didn't get past 2nd year Maths.  Married Jennifer.  <Why?  Because she was good at multiplication?   ...Dayle>

1971-1997:  Continued part-time study and finally gained 2 teaching diplomas and a Bachelor of Education.  Had two girls:  Fiona and Penelope, both now married.  Became a Technical teacher at Pultney Grammar School.  Looked after many non-academic classes and had fun staging school dramas, musicals, discos and a variety of work-experience projects.  As Assistant House Master I came across a certain Josh Francou.  One highlight of my teaching career was to have a student gain a score of 20 in Analog/Digital Electronics and thereby come top in the state.  Another student went to DSTO Salisbury as an Electronics Apprentice.

1998 to present: Lecturer at Torrens Valley Institute of TAFE in the School of Electronics and Information Technology.  I joined two other former Radio Apprentices, Rob Denton and Caroline Schuller who are also lecturers.


Some reflections of those apprenticeship days...
  • Racing John Milton's Singer Sports car up Salisbury Highway and winning!
  • Coming close to being banned from the area for reckless driving.
  • Rod Taylor pinching 3 oranges from an orchard at the back of Para Banks, Salisbury, on his way home to Elizabeth via Gepps Cross!  
  • Cliff Harlow's love of the Mathematics of Relativity.
  • Swimming at Torrens Weir on the way home from a very hot day at work.
  • Laying concrete paths around ATS.
  • John Green's piano playing skills.
  • Gordon Specht singing excerpts from The White Horse Inn.
  • Chris Gamlin's showbiz performance as a Nazi soldier in The Sound Of Music at Adelaide Theatre as well as his coffee lounge job at the Desert Sands in Hindley Street.  
  • Roaring up the Main North Road in Ian Clayton's "Yank Tank" fitted with triple downdraft carbies and tail-gating some innocent driver at 100 mph (160kph).  
  • David Jones thrashing the hell out of his Mini Cooper S.
  • Trevor Williams' memory skills at reeling off multi-digit job numbers.  
  • Tony Sobels calling everyone an "Arab", and the nickname sticking to him.
  • Travelling with Geoff Geue in his Austin 7 and him lighting a cigarette from the spark generated by lifting the battery lead while the engine was still running!  

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