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Barrett found!  Now lets find Berry, Coombes, Carpenter, Frisby, Johns, McGregor, Meaney & Ryan.  Please notify/update your contact details





(for Radio guys only)

This needs to be done now. If we wait until we are 50 years down the track, factors like Alzheimer’s, dementia and sclerosis of the liver may have taken their toll.

Q 1:    Which senior member of the W.R.E. Radio Workshop staff was nicknamed "Far’s Brother" and how was this name derived?

Q 2:    The Radio Workshop had an English tea lady called Aida. Geoff Geue gave her a nickname, and how was it derived?

Q 3:    In the 3rd year of our apprenticeship to combat the mind-numbing boredom of the radio workshop production line, Geoff Geue with the help of others did the only truly scientific study ever to come out of the radio workshop by plotting a ‘shit house activity graph’ over a week’s period. What were the two most definitive factors to emerge from this scientific study?

Q 4:    In the 3rd year of our apprenticeship while at the radio workshop we were in the habit of piling into John McKenzie's car and going to the main admin canteen for lunch (the only place we could perve over girls close to our own age).  Unfortunately we could not all fit into the car so the last guy had to ride in the boot. It was also our habit to occasionally lock that guy in the boot for a bit of a laugh.  One afternoon the inevitable happened and we were late back from lunch and forgot about the guy locked in the boot in over 100 degree heat.

  • Who was the guy locked in the boot?
  • What was his nickname?
  • How did he manage to breathe during his hour and a half entombment in 100-degree heat?
  • Who locked him in the boot in the first place?
  • Who was the hero that rescued him, not taking him to hospital but re-installing him half dead back in the production line of the Radio Workshop so we would not get into trouble? (When he was still conscious after 10 minutes, I think we gave him a drink of water)

Q 5:    What activity (scam) allowed us to take the afternoon off from work on full pay with the blessing of the apprentice school and radio workshop, to drink as much free beer as we could hold and chat up girls between the ages of 16 and 18 years?

Q 6:    How much tax payers money did it take to train each one of us?   I was always in strife with Ken Roberts for sneaking off to the aero club and going flying.  Any one who was told off in a similar way would know the answer to this question. If you were perfect and never got caught going over the fence you deserve not to know


To qualify you need to have sent your photo and summary to Dayle before the next reunion. He deserves your support.

emailme.gif (3785 bytes) before the next reunion.

1st Prize:
5 out of 6 correct answers will win a days sailing and lunch at the yacht club when you are in QLD next time.

2nd Prize: 
4 out of 6 will win you lunch when you pass through Brisbane.

3rd Prize: 
3 out of 6 correct answers will win you a free calendar featuring Milto's famouse son.

 ACCOLADES to:  Dayle Redden on his initiative and effort setting up of the web site and the work he has done organizing a reunion and tracing the whereabouts of ex-apprentices.

BRICKBATS to:  Peter "*******"   – have your bankcard ready Leaney

How any cruising yachtsman who could sail offshore for 15 years (which I know he did with a degree of skill) and then take the retrograde step of selling his yacht and buying a Tupperware pop-out stink boat with twin outboard motors is beyond me.

As I write this I am on "Leeanda" in Horseshoe Bay (off Peel Island), the sun is going down, flute music playing on the CD, and I am on my second Rum and Coke.   The only thing that makes this less than perfect is the sound of some twin outboard motors like Peter Leaney’s in the distance.  Driving a boat like that and slurping up 30 litres of petrol an hour is morally equivalent to killing a canary with an atom bomb.

Can’t finish on a sour note.  I am happy to help in your rehabilitation, Peter, why don’t you take a week off and come sailing up the reef with Rosie and myself?  It will make it that much harder to go back to your stink boat.


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