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Barrett found!  Now lets find Berry, Coombes, Carpenter, Frisby, Johns, McGregor, Meaney & Ryan.  Please notify/update your contact details

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email received 19APR2000

Trevor writes: 

It was great hearing from you last Saturday week. 

The last 30 years I have worked at Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd.  I was offered a job at the new engine plant in 1969 as a toolmaker.  I thought that would be alright until I found something better.  Things worked out fine over the years as I have moved to various positions in the company.  Tool room inspector, leading hand, purchasing officer, tool room foreman, maintenance foreman, production foreman running various machining lines and the assembly line.  During this time I hardly stopped studying and it was after six years as tool room foreman that I had the opportunity to move into the drawing office onto the latest CAD machine.  Several upgrades later of the software and I'm still there after 10 years.  Over the years there have been several major engine building projects that I have been involved with and during the busy times in the drawing office there have been up to a dozen draftsmen employed but in the last couple of years this has whittled down to one (me).  I do not know what the future in this job for me will be as there will be a lot of down-sizing in the next couple of months.  Between leaving W.R.E. in 1967 and 1969 I moved to Tasmania and worked at the Australian Newsprint Mills near New Norfolk on the installation of their new paper mill.  These were exciting years as I enjoyed the work and got involved with the local community and sporting clubs.  Our first child was born there and after moving back to Adelaide we had another two.  I was divorced in !987 and have since remarried and have a stepson who is still in high school.  I hope this thumbnail of my life post-W.R.E. is what you are after. 

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