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Barrett found!  Now lets find Berry, Coombes, Carpenter, Frisby, Johns, McGregor, Meaney & Ryan.  Please notify/update your contact details

30 Years on...
40 Years on...
45 Years on ...
50 Years on ...
Good News, Bad News

Those whose names are in red will be attending the 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner. 


Not Yet Located


Located but no info or photo.


Info but no photo


Info and photo

Berry Barrett  Gove       Button*
Coombes Baylis* Herbert     Corbett
Frisby Bradbury   Jones        Francou*
Johns Clonan- Mackenzie- Gamlin*
McGregor Clayton Nicolai* Geue
Meaney Hadaway Robertson Gosling*
  Harlow   Higgs-
Info & Photo but lost touch Harris*   Irwin-
Carpenter Hicks-   Leaney*
Ryan Hodgson*   Milton
  Overton* Morcom*
  Rolton   Muegge*
  Schwartz* Newgrain 
Siddall Redden*
Taylor* Smoker
Whibley* Sobels

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