Tony Sobels
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Tony with wife Christine and two sons Peter and Kim
Tony writes:

1961  Here beginneth the first day of the rest of the life of Tony (Arab) Sobels.

1968  Married Christine 9FEB1968

1970  Son no 1 born:  Peter

1971  Left WRE and joined Warburton Franki in sales in some attempt to improve future prospects.

1972  Left Warburton Franki (thus immediately improving future prospects..ed.) and moved to WA and worked for Cairns Instrument Services selling and servicing Test and Measurement and Medical Electronic Equipment.

1973  Left Cairns Instrument Services to pursue a career in self employment.  Took up agencies in sales and service of Test and Measurement and Medical Electronic Equipment.  Son no2 born 1NOV1973.

1975  Sick of renting.  Made a big sale and purchased a house.  Still living in it.  Dad died.

1976  Christine's father killed in a road accident in SA.  I join Tektronix as State Rep.

1978  Left Tektronix.  No good at taking orders I guess.  Mother dies of lung cancer in Adelaide.  Purchased some second hand equipment and set up a jewellery manufacturing business.  Still going today.  Obviously I was not meant to work for others.

1985  Purchased a factory and expanded the jewellery business, employing 24 people and manufacturing approx 350 rings per day 7 days a week as well as other jewellery articles.  This went on for approx 7 years, 7 days a week when the guts fell out of Australia and all staff put off.  Since then we have been a family business enjoying a good living with all four of us at it.

1994  Jewellery manufacturing still on the slide.  Started casting brass, bronze and aluminium for the antique industry and general industry.  This is still a growing part of our business.

2000  Well here we are at 56 years old.  Our retirement is looming.  I currently have two inventions happening:  a jewellery production machine and a hi tech RF induction heating and melting unit for use in jewellery-mineral analysis and other industrial applications.

Self employment has been very hard work and long hours but very rewarding.  It has enabled us to collect assets, earn a good living and also travel overseas quite a lot.  

I have been a member of the Gosnells Golf Club for 15 years and currently play off a handicap of 11.

A lot of brain cells have gone into remembering all this stuff.  (E&OE)

See you on 20JAN2001 for an ice cold ale and many laughs.

Many Regards




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