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Barrett found!  Now lets find Berry, Coombes, Carpenter, Frisby, Johns, McGregor, Meaney & Ryan.  Please notify/update your contact details

Volker has set up his own web site, so here is the link to it: 


but first, read his memory of Woomera, below. 

also you can email him:

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Volker reminisces: 

(Names have not been changed to protect the guilty, but the statute of limitations will protect them.)   

Jim Harris, Gary McGregor (Tin-Basher) and I shared the same room at Woomera in the early '60s.

Jim and I always got plenty of overtime, but McGregor didn't, so he used to get pissed a lot and then either wake us up or keep us up.  We tried all sorts of things to stop him, including dipping his hand into icy cold water whilst he was asleep, but to no avail. 

But we fixed him!

I took the light bulbs to work one Saturday morning and filled them with 50/50 Oxy-acetylene.  That night we put them back into their sockets and waited.  

True to form, Mac came staggering home at about 1am.  Every other apprentice was crammed into the room next door, waiting.  Mac opened the door (luckily it shielded him) and switched on the lights.  There was an almighty BANG and FLASH.  HE SHIT HIMSELF, INSTANTLY SOBER, and we spent the rest of the night picking glass slivers out of our beds.  


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