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Tjr1.jpg (9366 bytes) After working in Lab.11 for a couple of years, I left WRE and headed for England/Europe on a working holiday.  I met Annie, we got married, worked, travelled, worked, travelled, 5 years went in a flash!  I returned to SA to the old firm, spent 10 years in the Micro-Engineering Lab,
Tjr2.jpg (15365 bytes) then back to England where we settled in the idyllic village of

Steeple Ashton

(pictured left) 

Tjr3.jpg (16195 bytes) and commute to the

University of Bath

(pictured left) where I "look after" the Optonics Fabrication Labs.

I've fond memories of WRE/ATS, it was a great place to train.

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