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Below is an email received 1DEC2000
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the reunion but here are some notes about what I have done post ATS.  

I finished my apprenticeship working in the Electrical Instrument Workshop and worked there until September 1967.  That was an eventful month as I married Miriam (we have three children - Janet, Ben and Rachel) and I moved to a technical job in the Thin Film Physics Group, HQ 11.  I worked there until 1979 and it was during that period that I completed the Applied Physics Certificate, several subjects from a "proposed" Advanced Applied Physics Certificate and other "useful" related subjects at the (then) South Australian Institute of Technology.  

In 1978 I felt the urge to do something different and, after securing a position to set up a Radiation Safety Section with the Capital Territory Health Commission, we moved to Canberra in 1979.  I am currently the Director of Radiation Safety in the Department of Health, Housing and Community Care and Secretary to the Radiation Council of the Australian Capital Territory.  

I have very positive memories of the ATS.  The training I received from skilled and dedicated instructors gave me the interest in "technical things" that has provided me with so much satisfaction during my working life.  

Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and being actively involved in Salvation Army ministries.  



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