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How to tell what I have been doing post-ATS in only one page?

1967:   Went to Adelaide Uni on a Commonwealth Scholarship to do Electronic Engineering.  Too many distractions.  Returned to WRE in 1968 as a clerk.

1969:  Married Franca Lutero.

1975:  Bored with WRE; looked in the Gazette and obtained a position in Dept Foreign Affairs, Canberra.

1976:  8 May:  son Ben born.
1978:  8 May:  daughter Bianca born.

Long term postings to PNG and later, Indonesia.  Too many other jobs, trips, countries and cocktail parties to mention.  Sponsored by DFAT to study at the ANU (no distractions this time; old enough to be their father); BA (Pol Sci) and ADPS (Ass. Dip. Policy Studies).  Spent the last two years of my 36 year public service career as a "pure" diplomat, in the Indonesia section.  As you can imagine, an exciting time.

"Retired" 1997.

Various consultancy jobs followed but I have now turned my computing interest into a job; building web sites for clients.

I am really looking forward to seeing all you "H"s in 2011.

PS:  memories of ATS:  "The Jazza" at Woomera, the explosive power of a matchbox full of oxy-acetylene, Geoff Geue's Austin 7 barrelling down the Salisbury Highway with five of us crammed in, the "drive-in-ometer" for listening to sound outside the drive-in, Jack O'Brien telling us to "cut out that bloody whistling", Rod Taylor raffling his unopened pay-packet.

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